Weekly updates


The following is a weekly progress report from the Azbit team.


On Monday, more tokens were burned to reduce the number of AZ circulating on the market, and thus support the price. We are glad to inform that the another batch of native tokens has been eliminated in accordance with the schedule. 61,084,637.18 AZ from the project’s profits were destroyed.

As a quick reminder, Azbit will continue the practice of burning certain amount of native coins until AZ number is reduced to 10% of the initial supply. The next token destruction is scheduled for April 6, 2020.


Today, we would like to make a quick update on the development process. This time it’s all about Account Management Area. Below you will find a number of Azbit 2.0 Client Cabinet screenshots for consideration. Do you like it? Our team kindly asks you to share your opinion in our Telegram chat or via E-mail: marketing@azbit.com. We appreciate your feedback!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Azbit 2.0 Dashboard
Azbit 2.0 Dashboard (popup sample)




Social Trading Platform💱Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍 azbit.com

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Social Trading Platform💱Blockchain Banking 📈Investment Platform 💳Electronic Payments 🌍 azbit.com

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