Azbit: Weekly Updates (Issue 1)


Dear Azbitians,

Today, we want to share some important information with you.


As the world deals with the effects of COVID-19, we recognize that this is a difficult time both personally and professionally for many of you. This is especially apparent to all of us at Azbit as our community touches nearly every country around the globe.

Here’s what we can promise during the crisis: Azbit team will continue to develop the best trading platform and will support our community throughout. Our support team will remain responsive as always. No delays to the development process will happen under any circumstances.

In the meantime, please stay safe and stay healthy.


To keep you updated, we decided to restart posting news digest on a weekly basis. Every Wednersday, we will provide a summary covering all significant events happening at Azbit.


Yet another Monday, and Azbit coin is burned to reduce the number of AZ circulating on the market, and thus support the price. We are glad to inform that the another batch of native tokens has been eliminated in accordance with the schedule. 81,838,443.13 AZ from the project’s profits were destroyed.

As a quick reminder, Azbit will continue the practice of burning certain amount of native coins until AZ number is reduced to 10% of the initial supply. The next token destruction is scheduled for March 30th, 2020. After the burn is completed, we will provide you with a similar report on Azbit social media.


We also want to give you a quick update on the progress that we have made with our work on Azbit 2.0 exchange transformation. Please check the screenshots below. Even a quick glance at the pictures is enough to notice: we are totally changing the design of the exchange. In the coming weeks, front-end and back-end integration will take place, as well as subsequent usage tests. We will describe the process and results in the following reports.

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