Azbit CCO Azam Khodzhaev: «Roger Ver amazes and dazzles you, from the second you meet him»

5 min readAug 19, 2018
Azbit CCO Azam Khodzhaev

Azam Khodzhaev is cryptocurrency investor, entrepreneur, co-owner of a car-sharing company, an independent blockchain consultant to the governments of various countries, co-host of Transformer, one of the largest business channels. But his main project is, surely, Azbit: «Right now, I am feeling unbelievable joy, pride, and excitement — after all, Azbit is my main baby, my most important project».

- Mark Zuckerberg — someone who needs no introduction — once said: ‘The most important thing in business is to focus on creating something important. I was just working on something I wanted to use myself.’ When I realised that the time had come to focus on creating something truly important, I took on this responsibility and the position of Chief Communications Officer at Azbit. This step was perfectly natural — after all, communications are my life. In the CIS, I am quite a well-known public figure: I have a large army of supporters and friends, and there are whole crypto communities. In terms of media support, we will actively work with thought leaders, crypto calendars, crypto ratings, social media and every kind of traffic channel. Of course, users of internationally famous platforms such as CCN, CNBC, Cointelegraph, Investing and will also be hearing a lot more from Azbit.

- Azam, you are one of European’s pioneers in terms of mining cryptocurrencies and selling mining farms. The day when you joined the cryptosphere — how did this happen?

- Two years ago, I was selling equipment in Eastern Europe. I was sure that I had reached the peak of success — and, of course, I had not given a thought to the cryptosphere. Right up to the day when, during talks, one of my London business partners mentioned bitcoin. You know how hunting dogs go after the trail? I felt just like that: it was a trail that would lead to huge opportunities — and, of course, huge earnings. I was so taken by this idea that I set about finding out more straight away — right on the plane, on the way back from the talks. And there, high in the skies, my ‘romance’ began. Why romance? I’m a businessman, and I take a cool-headed approach to business. But then I fell in love with this technology, with bitcoin, with blockchain itself. A month later, I put together my first farm and started mining ether. You might think that I’d achieved my goal, but this was only the start: I rubbed shoulders with crypto investors, participated in ICOs, got to know the most influential people in the world of crypto business.

- You had already been a successful businessman — so what made you decide to change direction so radically?

- As I mentioned, I fell in love with blockchain. Furthermore, I have always been drawn to the new, the progressive, the high-tech. To be a pioneer, a conqueror — isn’t that what we dream of? I saw right away that blockchain and bitcoin itself offered huge potential and the opportunity to make money. I clearly understood that this technology was standing on the launch pad, like a rocket, and the countdown to its flight to the moon was just starting. The same thing happened back in the day with dotcoms. But I did not manage to join in then, and I’ve taken my revenge on blockchain.

- Azam, you are cooperating and collaborating with cryptoworld VIPs. Which of them has made the strongest impression on you?

- The strongest impression, of course, was made by crypto holders — the kind of people who have millions. It is from them that I have received the hottest knowledge, insider tips and tricks. This is priceless information, to which only a few people have access — and I’m very fortunate to be one of them. As you know, these people keep a low profile. But if we’re talking about public and well-known figures, it is, of course, Roger Ver. We met at his office in Japan. I told him about our project, we discussed the market of the future and potential cooperation. From the second you meet him, Roger amazes and dazzles you: I was amazed at his knowledge, his tenacity, and how he champions his Bitcoin cash. He is like a perpetual motion machine that never gets tired and infects everyone around with its energy. And he really did give me the impetus to champion the Azbit project with the same passion.

- Tell us about Azbit’s bounty campaign. Engaging with the community is one of the most important areas…

— We will of course have a bounty campaign, and a lot of people cannot wait for this event. People want to join the fight, to support and promote Azbit: not so much for the sake of the bounty, as for the sake of taking part in such a promising project. They are enthused by the idea and driven by their belief in its outstanding success.

- What, in your view, is or are the decisive factor or factors in the success of an ICO project?

- I’ve been in the world of business and finance for many years, and I can say with confidence that the key to the success of any project is its team. An ICO is not just a whitepaper and raising money. It is, first and foremost, people. They need to be true professionals, the best of the best: reliable, experienced, knowledgeable, and with healthy ambition. I’m talking about people who combine a business-like approach with a passion for what they do that will drive the project forward. About people who see a goal and head confidently towards it.

- How do you see Azbit’s prospects? For example, in a couple of years?

- I will allow myself to be ambitious: I think we will, as a minimum, break into the top ten companies. That’s if we’re talking about the bank, the exchange, or the company overall. But if we’re talking about the ecosystem, we will be the number one. There is no project like it in the world today. As yet, no one has taken on such a responsibility. And that is why I am certain that we can look forward to an incredible flight to the moon.




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